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Key Benefits of Practicing Qigong

Strength Building

Strength Building

By utilizing & applying what we refer to as “isometrics,” we learn to create a strong foundation for strength and balance.
Stress Relieving

Stress Relieving

This style of Qigong reduces one’s stress levels by leading the practitioner to reach the parasympathetic state.


When our Qi energy flows smoothly and quietly, we allow ourselves a moment to refresh the body and the mind.

What Else Does a Standing Qigong Practice Offer?

Qigong for a Quality Day

Our standing Qigong practice is an excellent way to start your day in a calm and focused manner. Although it is best to complete all sections, if your day starts out already crazed, consider dividing the bi-weekly practice in these 3 ways:

Use the warmup around your morning shower time

Find 5 minutes in your day to stop and utilize the breathing techniques

Use the Standing Practice before retiring

Qigong at Bedtime

Sleep has become recognized as one of the most important aspects of our overall good health. Perhaps we don’t prepare ourselves as well for a good night’s sleep as we do for our daytime lives. Using this practice a half-hour prior to retiring is a gentle way to let our bodies repair from the day’s stress.

Use the warmup to ease the day’s kinks

Use the breathing to help focus on you, not the worries of the day

Allow an evening practice to help soften a tired body and a weary mind

Healing Effects of Qigong

A consistent practice of a Standing Qigong has been proven to be a complementary method of healing for many ailments, not limited to:

Balance Flexibility

Bone Loss Muscle Tone

Blood Cortisol RA/joint stiffness

Fibromyalgia Stroke Recovery

Relief from Stress

Additional Videos to Supplement You Practicing

 In addition to the practices sent to you twice a week, your membership includes all of the videos described below to enhance your Qigong experience.

Qigong Basics

How to Use the Website

This video shows subscribers how to best utilize the “It’s About the Qi” website and their personal Qigong practice.

What we cover: Using and Accessing all of the following member videos

Qigong Basics

A Gentle Look At Qigong

 In this brief video, some of the very basic principles of Qigong are simply presented to enhance your Qigong practice.

What we cover: Brief Look at Qigong and It’s History

Qigong Basics

Inner Smile / Vagus Nerve

The 5000-year-old tradition of the positive healing powers of the smile – both outer and inner – and its relation to modern physiology – the body’s Vagus Nerve 

What we cover: Tradition & Modern Western Medicine

Video Assist Courses Listed in Order of Practice

Qigong Basics

Alignment Pole Stance

This video is designed to help you with some of the basics for overall alignment. It will help you understand the building blocks for Qigong and Tai Chi as well. Don’t forget that Qigong is the mother; the Grand Dame of Tai Chi and Kung Fu.

What we cover: Qigong & Tai Chi Alignment and Stance

Division of the Body

The Diaphram

In this video, we take a look at the importance of the diaphragm’s role and how it plays a part in your daily Qigong practice. The diaphragm is not only for breathing. It is also utilized as a tool to divide the body into two separate parts.

What we cover: Diaphragm and Breathing

Tai Chi Ball

The Tai Chi Ball

This is a study in “the willing suspension of disbelief.” You will be assisted in understanding the concept of a chi ball, or a ball of energy. With continued study and training, this will become a living, dynamic part of your Qigong practice.

What we cover: Transforming your Chi Ball

The Nine Phases of the Cultivation of Qi

The 9 Phases

Introduction to the 9 Phases

This video explains why we will be using the 9 Phases of the Cultivation of Qi as our practice. This Practice has been distilled from centuries of Qigong styles and you may find it a lovely bridge of the East’s view of Qi to our Western world of science.

What we cover: Intro to the 9 Phases

Basics of Our Qigong Practice

Phases 1, 2 and 3

This video explains and demonstrates Phases 1,2 & 3 of our Qigong Practice. These three phases have to do with our connection to the earth, our foundation, who we are, and what we “bring to the party”; right down to our DNA.

What we cover: Discover, Gather, and Circulate Qi

Developing Focus

Phases 4, 5 and 6

This video explains and demonstrates Phases 4,5 & 6. These phases help us to focus on our own bodies and organs which are, if you will, our own Qi factories. We’ll use our inner smile to connect with our vagus nerve and send good Qi to our organs.

What we cover: Purify, Direct, and Conserve Qi


Phases 7, 8 and 9

This video explains and demonstrates Phases 7,8 & 9. These phases have more to do with our own sense of spirituality. With these movements, we allow our Heart/Mind connection to be open and receptive to our place in the nature of things.

What we cover: Store, Transform, and Dissolve into Qi

Audio Relaxations


Guided Relaxation

This relaxation technique starts from the feet and leads to the top of your head. Used during the day, it will help you bring your autonomic nervous system down from a place of stress.

What we cover: Relaxation Techniques


A Sleep Relaxation

This is based on a well known “breathe in on a 4-count, hold for 8, breathe out for a 7-count” principle. Follow my voice as I help you breathe yourself to sleep.

What we cover: Calming before sleep


A Color Meditation

Join me on a colorful guided meditation.

What we cover: Meditation

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Qigong is becoming a welcomed addition to current methods of handling stress. There have been countless studies performed around the world that have shown the positive effects of Qigong and its relation to stress.

Multiple intuitions have concluded that “Qigong is safe, portable and easily adapted,” and that the healing art is “a complementary and integrative therapy” for PTSD, rehab, stress, and sleep.

Find out how a Standing Qigong Practice can improve your life.