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A Gentle Qigong Practice to Enrich Your Life

Pam MacDonald invites you to join her via an online Qigong Practice sent to subscribers twice a week. These warm-up movements, breathing exercises and mindfulness practices will help you to focus on your day ahead or help you unwind from a stressful day, thus preparing you for a good night’s sleep.

A Standing Qigong Practice

A Peaceful Standing Meditation
For the Body. For the Breath. For the Mind.

Qigong, pronounced “chi kung”, is an “ancient formula for flow.” An ancient healing art form over 5,000 years old, Qigong has over 10,000 different forms.  They range from long studied and specialized medicine to the simple form of a Standing Meditation which is what It’s About the Qi offers.

Qi is Chinese for energy. The gong in Qigong is cultivation or practice. In this standing Qigong practice, and with this ancient formula for flow, we create a way to help reduce stress in our bodies. As we know, stress is 90-95% at the root of most illnesses. Here in the West it is acknowledged that by practicing this Standing Meditation, we learn to help control our autonomic nervous system. We can bring this system from “fight to flight” to “rest and digest.” While we are awake, standing and mentally focused, we can bring ourselves into the Parasympathetic State.

Our online Standing Qigong Practice is a moving meditation, accomplished through body alignment, breath and mindfulness, and it is ready for you to stream on your mobile phone, tablet, television, home computer, or laptop. Rather than going to your local YMCA or community center to learn this beginner’s practice, we bring it directly to you to use at your convenience, any time day or night.


“This very gentle Qigong practice is designed to help you understand and develop the tools that will assist you not only in times of stress, but for moments of simple beauty as well.  I hope you will learn to bring a bit of self-directed awareness to the energies around us, that touch and live within us.

After all, It’s About The Qi.”

Pamela MacDonald

Certified Qigong Practice Leader, IIQTC

Start Your Journey Today!

Warm Up

Warm Up

Gentle movements for the spine, shoulders, arms, and neck.


A series of gentle, mindful movements to focus on one’s breath.


A series of bimonthly instructions to help cultivate and expand your Qi.


A 17-point vocal mediation and relaxation exercise to help release stress.



Instructional materials designed to help with your personal Qigong practice.


Cultivate good Qi with likeminded people to enhance your daily life.

Why Choose It’s About the Qi

An Easy to Follow Series of Meditative Movements for Health and Wellness 

It’s About the Qi is designed for the Western beginner to enjoy the benefits of this ancient Eastern practice. I think you will enjoy the simplicity of our particular style of Qigong, steeped in a tradition over 5,000 years old.

Easier than Tai Chi, this Standing Qigong Meditation utilizes extremely limited footwork. With routine practice, you will be able to develop the tools to help you reach a level of calmness quickly and easily:
While you are awake – While you are standing – While you are Aware

“Mind the body and the breath. And then clear the mind to distill the heavenly elixir within.”
Roger Jahnke, OMD

Feel the Qi


Why Practice Qigong?



When our Qi energy flows smoothly and quietly, we allow ourselves a moment to bring fresh energy to the body and the mind.
Strength Building

Strength Building

While we may speak of the Yin Yang as a spiritually harmonious duality, we have the same capabilities within our bodies. In the West, we refer to this as “isometrics”.
Strength Building

Stress Relief

With attention to Alignment, Breath, and Consciousness (the here and now), we allow our autonomic nervous system to go from the “fight or flight” response to the “rest and digest” response. In this parasympathetic state, we allow our stress levels to be greatly reduced.
Beauty of Mind

Beauty of Mind

By sharing this practice, you will begin to understand the clarity of the mind by focusing on the “here” and the “now”.
Relax and Refresh

Relax & Refresh

At the end of our practice, you will be encouraged to stay and join in for a 17-point guided relaxation meditation. You will come away relaxed and refreshed.
Mind and Soul

Mind & Soul

Allow your Heart/Mind connection to fully open so that you may connect the gentle Qi that is around us, the gentle Qi that touches us, and the gentle Qi that flows within us. Incorporating this mindful practice into your life offers us personal access to greater energy and power.  

Lotus Flower


What People Are Saying

During a break from my Qigong practice (while Pam was traveling), I decided to take a balance ball class. I was absolutely blown away at how strong my core had become as a result of her courses. I actually managed my balance much better than most of the younger women in my group.
L. Woodard

Chicago, Illinois

I, unfortunately, have developed a case of Rheumatoid Arthritis recently. I continue my standards medications, of course, but I noticed within about 3 months of adding Pam’s Qigong courses to my health routine, my RA noticeably improved and my pain has decreased significantly.
L. Hangii

Los Angeles, California

I’m a nature photographer and I’ve noticed that carrying my equipment is easier since beginning this practice. The balance I’ve developed from this practice gets me into precarious positions for some great shots. Between nature and Qigong, I’m quite literally a happier camper!
J. Greenberg

Edmonton, Canada

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Qigong Breath Cycle

In Qigong, certain ailments might require a particular breath cycle which might compel an audible exhalation or complete physical movements.

Qigong Breath Cycle

Qigong Breath Cycle

In Qigong, certain ailments might require a particular breath cycle which might compel an audible exhalation or complete physical movements.

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